Leadership development

Best Buddies Nigeria Leadership Development programs educates and empower people with IDD to become leaders, entrepreneurs, public speakers etc. The program also offers employability workshops and trainings for those who might explore the labor market for viable jobs. Best Buddies passionately believes that its program participants can lead the effort within their community and beyond to build a more inclusive world for people with IDD. We also believe in the ability of IDDs to create a world of impact and career success for themselves hence becoming examples to others. We have divided the program into 2 categories for more clarity namely;

Bestbuddie ambassadors

Trains people with IDD with public speaking skills, self-esteem and confidence needed to successfully advocate for themselves, their peers and Best Buddies in communities, workplaces, government and other circles within their influence.

Bestbuddie promoters

Encourages and equips youth to become advocates for people with IDD and help open new Best Buddies chapters in new places where best buddies is not yet by organizing special events that promote awareness to the disability rights movement.
Joning the leadership program involves you doing either of the following;
Become a volunteer.
Join the Promoters program.
Apply to be trained as an ambassador (For does living with a disability